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"When the student is ready the teacher will appear"

In early 2001, I stumbled across the Breathing Space Yoga television series. Teacher Dianne Bruni was guiding a multi-levels Ashtanga practice that I watched with curiosity and awe. For the next couple of days, I sat on the couch and just watched and listened to her cues on the breath and the alignment practice. Before I knew it, I got off the couch, pushed the coffee table back and started to follow along. I had no mat, no props and just enough space between my coffee table and tv stand. 


For the next couple of years, I followed along with her teachings and various other televised yoga practices. I eventually traded in the rusty orange high pile carpet of my living room for a yoga mat. (Funnily enough, my sister gave me my first mat. It was rusty orange). In 2007 I attended my first in studio class at a quaint little yoga studio in Halifax. And the rest, is history.


Over the last decade, I've explored and studied various styles of the practice including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Yin & Kundalini yoga along with Chakra, Vipassana and Ayurveda methods for whole mind and body healing. In each class, I offer a translation of my understandings to these teaching in a free flowing and powerful Vinyasa practice that will leave you feeling strong, calm and at peace. 

eRYT 200, 500, RYS

Founder/Lead Instructor

mother, cancer warrior, adventure racer, runner wannabe, crafter


Denise Mader.jpg

With modern day technology, we can watch a time lapse video of Mother Nature come to life. In a matter of seconds, we watch as a seedling sprouts, thickening and expanding as it grows a perfectly protected bud just waiting to flower. Then, in the most majestic and noblest of ways, the petals unfold and we are awed by soft, rich and vibrant colour as the truth of the seed is revealed.

Like this seed of potential, Denise has steeped herself in yoga as a dedicated and wholehearted student for nearly a decade. Now with multiple yoga teacher trainings reinforcing her truth, she is ready to showcase her understanding of yoga with a powerful and colourfully spirited Vinyasa practice of movement and bliss.

RYT 200


nurturer, runner, life-student, dynamo, ray of sunshine



When hosting my first weekend yoga retreat in Nova Scotia in 2014, Julie was 1 of 2 students whom I'd never shared a practice with. She was fully engaged in the asana and meditation examples, as well as the lectures and self study practices. Little did I know that that experience unobtrusively set flame to a budding new yoga teacher.

Julie’s quiet, reserved and intriguing nature takes you on a journey through a beautiful and serene yoga practice that feels truly spectacular in your body. With a few years of experience teaching her colleagues and local community groups, Julie is ready to share her gifts with the Aumbience community. Join her on Sunday afternoons for a simple yet wonderfully blissful Vinyasa practice.

RYT 200


life-lover, peace giver, rock solid human, gem



Heather blends together her ​own ​curiosity to continually gain deeper understanding, her love for reaching new heights and her skill as a teacher to share her understanding, particularly the teachings of ParaYoga,​ in an accessible way. “Meet people where they are, then take them for a ride.” is the mantra behind Heather’s approach to teaching.

Heather holds a Masters in Kinesiology and is a licensed kinesiologist and teacher. Heather holds certifications as a certified Four Desires teacher, a certified ParaYoga Level 1 teacher, and is recognized by Yoga Alliance as an eRYT 500 hour teacher. Heather continues to publish a blog, and is an author of a book and many articles on performance.

Heather’s unique background grounds her in the knowledge of how the body works and, incorporating the tools of Yoga, how to engage the energetics and the mind to create the experience and performance that supports growth. Coupling her knowledge with her intuition and skill to articulate, Heather is a skilled teacher and coach.

eRYT 200, 500

Senior Instructor

climber, mother, life-student, ParaYoga® Certified Instructor 



Andrea Giles.jpg

After completing her YTT in Ontario a number of years ago, Andrea boldly left a high stress and demanding career in the financial services industry to explore and challenge herself through her yoga and climbing practices. Moving to NS by way of Montreal, Andrea continues to flourish in both dialects (she's been at the top of the podium 4 out of 5 times in climbing events here in Halifax!!)

Although they seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, yoga and climbing are much of the same. Both demand a level of intense focus and concentration while at the same time remind you to dig deep, push your comfort zone and trust the innate wisdom within. Andrea's complimentary studies of Anusara and Restorative yoga methods take you on a simple, yet purposeful practice of strength and surrender.

RYT 200


runner, champion climber, health nut, foodie, mighty mouse



Barbie has been teaching yoga for more than a decade and has completed teacher trainings in Sivananda, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin Yoga. She has studied with Master teachers all over the world, including Manju Jois, David Williams, Rod Stryker, and Nancy Gilgoff. Barbie’s teaching style focuses on the breath and the energy of the practice. Her intention is to lead classes that will leave you feeling connected and centred.


Barbie has experience leading a mentor program for yoga teachers with a focus on mindfulness meditation, trauma informed yoga, the art of assisting, and yoga philosophy. She is a Reiki Master, skilled at reading the energy of a room, and is passionate about providing a safe and nurturing space for her students.


Barbie is also a Registered Nurse with over 25 years of experience working with pre/postnatal women, babies, children and their families. She has completed various leadership programs, including the Canadian Health Executive course and a Master of Health Studies. She currently works as a consultant with the Canadian Association of Midwives on Strengthening Midwifery Services in South Sudan. Please use whatever you’d like!

e-RYT 200, 500

Senior Instructor

mentor, nurse, karma yogi extraordinaire



Daisy is a vibrant, passionate and driven individual. Bravely moving her massage practice to Aumbience Yoga & Wellness, she is a beautiful extension of the offerings in our space. As a graduate of ICT Northumberland College in 2005, she has been practicing massage therapy for nearly 15 years! Initially working along side a team of chiropractors in Manitoba, Daisy has built a beautiful and beneficial healing practice for all your aches and pains.


Also a certified yoga teacher, she is excited to be sharing her skills on the mat as well. With a blend of massage, yoga and reiki in her hands, she is sure to leave you feeling restful and at ease.  

RYT 200

Massage Therapist/Instructor

miracle worker, reiki master, comedian, high-flyer



Lars Franckom.jpg

I first met Lars in 2009. He came to my studio in Bedford to join in a practice after just moving from the West Coast. Upon sharing that first practice with him, I could see that behind that brilliant British accent and genuine smile, a very wise, devoted and authentic being was peaking through. Luckily for me, a few weeks later, he asked if there was room in the schedule for him to teach. I said, “YES!”.

With almost 20 years of study and practice rooted in the Anusara method of yoga, Lars shares a wealth of knowledge in every class. Infused with rich philosophical nuggets of wisdom and intricately described postural sequences, his practices will have you feeling that every muscle in your body has come alive, your mind is enriched with understanding and your heart is filled with light and freedom.

eRYT 200, 500, RYS

Senior Instructor

mentor, trivia guru, foodie, number cruncher, yoga nerd