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Ayurvedic Counselling 

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest and holistic healing systems that can be understood in simple terms as the Science of Life. Its approach strives to instate a balance between the mind and body. This is done through a process of investigating and adjusting three life energies or forces, called doshas. Doshas, or energies are those that have the potential to change.


Ayurvedic philosophy instructs that all human beings are made of the five basic elements found in the universe – space, air, fire, water and earth. Specific combinations of these elements make up the three doshas:


  • Vata Dosha (Space & Air)

  • Pitta Dosha (Fire & Water)

  • Kapha Dosha (Water & Earth


Each being has a unique combination of these doshas, kind of like an energetic fingerprint. Imbalances of these doshas will create blockages and imbalances in the body and mind, revealing itself through a decrease in health and vitality, and thus leading to the potential of disease. 


At Aumbience, we offer nutritional and lifestyles counselling based on the Ayurvedic principles to help you reconnect with and reinstate a balanced life. We'll create a plan specifically designed for you, taking into account YOUR unique makeup – physical, emotional and your primary life force. You will embark on a process to refine and embody your best self. 


There are so many processes in the body and mind that need to perform at an optimal level for you to be here - for you to exist. You are unique and you deserve a treatment plan that encourages and promotes irreplaceable you.