Yoga Classes & Styles at Aumbience 

Gentle Yoga (Level 1)

For those who are new/newer to yoga or who have been away from their yoga mat for a while, this gentle, yet fluid style of yoga will help you create a new found sense of awareness as to how your body, and mind can, and do move together. You will experience basic posturing, meditation and breath techniques, as well as fundamentals to a yoga practice.

Flow Yoga (Level 1-2)

Building on the V1 level, this class increases in complexity by teaching longer flow sequences and intermediate postures. Often times, each class builds to a 'peak' pose where a combination of the previously practiced postures come together to simultaneously experience your flexibility, strength and control, all by way of the steady guidance of Ujjiayi breath.

Power Flow (Level 1-2)

Stemming from the Ashtanga method of practice, Power Vinyasa is a fun, fitness based class that includes a number of long held standing postures and flows that will have you building strength, stamina and heat in no time. You'll gain increased flexibility, peace of mind and a deeper understanding and appreciation for your breath and body. 

Yoga Strength & Conditioning (Level 1-2)

This playful and dynamic vinyasa practice incorporates little nuggets of strength conditioning to help you take your practice to the next level.

Yin Yoga (All Levels)

Yin Yoga is a slow paced class where many of the postures are carried out seated or lying down. But, don't be fooled! Yin practices can be incredibly challenging especially if you have a hard time sitting still. With the use of yoga props, you will learn to linger in supported poses and feel a tremendous release in the muscles, ligaments, bones and joints in and around your hips, pelvis and spine.

Restorative Yoga (All Levels)

Using an array of yoga props (blocks, bolsters, and blankets) you will be guided in and out of restorative postures that leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed - like you've just had a perfect little nap.

Sivananda Yoga (Level 1-2)

Sivananda Yoga invites you to learn how to establish physiological balance in the body, steadiness in the mind and emotions, as well as experience deep relaxation and rest. Each yoga session includes breath (pranayama) and meditation (mantra), as well as a posture practice (asana).

Ashtanga Influenced (Level 1-2)

Working with the tristana method of bandhas (locks), drishti (gaze), and ujjaiyi pranayama (breath control), this sequential and quicker paced style of practice will help you build strength, flexibility, concentration and stamina through standing, balance, forwards folds and/or back-bending postures.

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