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Spryfield Shopping Mall - 16 Dentith Road, Unit LE01B, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3R 2H9 

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New to Yoga?

Welcome! Our studio is open Monday to Friday from

9:00am to 3:00pm with the exception of class time. We

are also open 30 minutes prior to each class in the 

evenings and weekends and will be locked 1 minute

before class begins. Please ensure you have ample

time to arrive and get situated for practice. Here are a

few tips to help make this possible.


Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to your first class

with us. We'll ask you to complete a new client

questionnaire and discuss any questions or concerns

that you have with regards to your practice. In giving

yourself this time, you won’t feel rushed getting

situated in the yoga studio. 



Please leave shoes all at the main entrance. Shoe racks are provided for you to tuck your shoe in. Practicing yoga is done barefoot. If your feet are cold, feel free to leave your socks on prior to the class and place them beside your yoga mat upon commencing.


Mats & Props

If you have your own yoga mat you love, feel free to bring it along! No worries if not, as we have ones for you to borrow. We also have a full spread of yoga props including blocks, bolsters, straps and blanket to help support your practice. If you're not sure how to use them, we'll show you how. 


Water & Food

Practicing on a full stomach is not recommend – try to give yourself at least 2 hours after eating a large meal. We encourage you to bring a bottle of water and a small hand towel that you can bring into the space



Please inform us of any injuries upon your arrival – that way, we can provide you with modifications to fully and safely support you in your practice. 


Personal Belongings

Hangers and shelves are available for you in the change rooms for you to store all of your personal belongings. That way we can keep the practice space free of clutter. Plus, in some classes, we use the wall to help us with postures. 


Cell Phones

Please leave your cell phones in the change rooms. Your messages will be there for you when your practice is done.

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Spryfield Shopping Mall

16 Dentith Road - rear parking lot

(902) 479-0803